Paper Boats: Lighten Up!


How cute are these? It’s hard not to admire them. Slovak designer Roman Ficek was inspired by the paper sailboats of our childhood while designing these candles. He used the basic, well-known origami formula in a new material which enabled it to serve functional as Floating Candle Sailboats.
size-plavajuca-sviecka-sailThey are available in seven pastel colors and they look even more aesthetic with their thin walls that lets the light to pass through them, highlighting their beauty. Reflections of the colored light on the water surface also enhances the effect. They have a burning time of 3,5 hours and are designed for calm water surfaces such as a water-filled bowl for decoration or simply a garden pool. How georgous they will look in a pool at nighs, right? I would definitely recommend them for weddings and events too.


For more information you can Google Translate the original page or check out . You can purchase them from,sailboat-balenie-6ks .