Coolest Canned Beer: Maui Brew Co.


Sometimes, all you need to SELL is just good packaging!
That’s how Maui Brew Co. acquired me as a customer and as a new fan.

It was 3 weeks after I have moved to LA. I was totally a stranger to USA, to LA and of course to the products they sell here. I was just gazing over the beer section in the market and ta-daa! A really cool can got my whole attention. When I saw whole types of Maui cans there, I stopped looking for any other thing. I was so in love with them, I decided to buy all types one by one whenever I come for shopping -eventhough they were far more expensive than the regular beer brands.


Maui Brewing Company is Hawaii’s largest Craft brewery. They have 4 flagship beers including the coconut and pineapple flavours. Also, they offer other flavours according to the season as limited releases.


These remarkable illustrations are work of Edward Smith who has done some great designs for Maui over the years. My favourite one is the one I bought firstly: the Mana Wheat design. It is so artistic. Smith was influenced from Italian poster designer Luciano Mauzan for this design of a ukulele player wearing a traditional palm frond hat. Mana, if you’re wondering, is a form of spiritual currency in Hawaiian culture.

Mana Wheat Design

                                                                            Mana Wheat Design

What’s inside the can is just as great as what’s outside! I am not a beer expert but I really liked what I’ve tasted and probably experts liked it too because MBC have won various awards for their beers. If you are familiar with the terms, you can find more about the features of every flavour and the awards they got:

Bonus: Here is an interview with the owner and founder of MBC, Garrett Marrero, enjoy it!