From Frames to Names: “Write a Bike”

#design #bike #bicycle #personalisation #industrialdesign #writeabike


Don’t we all love buying stuff with our names or initials on it? If you are a bike lover who always dreamed to have one of those cute bicycles just like me; then check out these ones, they’re the perfect combination!

“Write a Bike” is a serie of bike designs made by Juri Zaech. He uses the owners name as the frame design and makes bicycles even more special to you. Yes, that’s the most personalisation you can get with a bicycle!

He also didn’t forget couples and has designed bicycles for two with using both of the lovers’ names. In my opinion, it can be a really sweet and romantic gift and I would love to see couples driving it in the streets.


As you can guess, we can’t have them now since they are just at the design stage. However, if he works on these designs and manages to add pedals and other stuff aesthetically; I think people will adore them and I will be one of the first ones to buy it!

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